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Trains in UK

Chiltern Railways provides rail services on 5 main routes including Chiltern main line, London Aylesbury, Princes Risborough Aylesbury, Leamington Stratford, Oxford Bicester.
East Midland trains provide train services in Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire. Book your tickets online.
Virgin trains (West Coast Trains) provide passenger rail services between London, West Midlands, North West England, North Wales and Scotland. Book Virgin train tickets online for your journey.
Hull trains serves London to Hull route with 7 trains per day, including train services to Stevenage, Grantham, Retford, Doncaster, Selby, Howden and Brough. Book First Hull train tickets online and save money.

Airlines in Europe

Ryanair, the biggest low cost carrier of Europe provides flight services to 165 destinations. Ryanair is headquartered at Dublin Airport, Ireland. Book your flight tickets from Ryanair.
Czech airlines, the national airline of Czech Republic reaches 52 destinations. Headquartered at Ruzyne Airport in Prague, Czech Airlines covers major European cities along with Middle East and Asia.
Alitalia, the Italian airline company provides flight services to around 86 destinations in 41 countries. Alitalia is headquartered at Fiumicino, Italy. Book your flights tickets from Alitalia.
Flybe, the largest regional airline of Europe serves 180 routes and covers 65 destinations in Europe. Started as Jersey European Airways, Flybe today has a fleet size of 67. Book Flybe tickets online.

Hotels in Europe

Vacations in Amsterdam? Read about topmost hotels in Amsterdam and book your room online. Choose from a large range of hotels in Amsterdam. Book your hotel in Amsterdam Now!
Enjoy holidays in Rome, the capital city of Italy. Check out best hotels to stay in Rome and book your hotel today. Read about basic amenities, location and much more about Rome hotels. Book your hotel in Rome Now!
Prague, the capital of Czech Republic is best place to enjoy holidays. Know about best hotels to stay in Prague and book a room online at cheap price. Book your hotels now!
Read about top hotels in Cologne where you can stay during your trip to Cologne. Know about locations, amenities, prices and other important information about Cologne hotels. Book your hotel in Cologne Now!
London to Paris Train

If you are travelling from London to Paris then Eurostar high speed passenger train is the best option for you than taking a flight. Eurostar trains operates to Paris, Brussels, Lille and beyond to connect London to over 60 French destinations as well as many destinations in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland in cooperation with other trains operators.

Eurostar London to Paris Train

Eurostar London to Paris train takes you from St. Pancras international station in London to Gare du Nord station in Paris through Channel Tunnel link in just 2.5 hours. There are around 20 trains per day from London to Paris. The comfort level of Eurostar train, affordable prices, fast speed and luxurious service makes it a winner over all other travel option like ferries, buses and flights.

Eurostar London to Paris Train fares starts from £39 one-way and £69 return in second class if you book early. As Eurostar fares are like airline fares so if you choose to book tickets just before your travel you may have to pay more. Fares for Eurostar London Paris train also depend on the flexibility of tickets and changeable and refundable tickets cost more than non-changeable and non-refundable. Train tickets for Business class and Leisure class are higher and start from £107 one-way and £189 return.

How to Book London to Paris Train Tickets from Eurostar

You can book Eurostar tickets online from the booking form provided above or you can go to the official website of Eurostar to book your train tickets. You can book tickets 4 months in advance before your departure. After making payment you can take a print of your e-ticket or you can collect tickets at Eurostar stations. Payments by debit cards are free but a small charge is applicable for paying through credit cards.

Eurostar to Paris from Any Station in UK

Eurostar has teamed up with 10 major UK train companies thus making your travel from any local station of UK to Paris easy. You can book tickets for connection train to Eurostar as well as London to Paris train from Eurostar by paying just one price.

Eurostar Travel Classes

If you are travelling by Eurostar train from London to Paris then you can choose from the three travel classes of Eurostar. These are Business Premier, Leisure Select and Standard class. From 1 September, 2010 Eurostar is changing the Leisure Select class to Standard Premier. While Standard class travel consists of all style and comfort with a high-speed journey, higher classes journey are complimented by extra comfortable seats, light meal, drinks, power sockets for laptops and mobile at seat plus a perfect business environment.

London to Paris by Eurostar Train Route

Eurostar London Paris train leaves from St. Pancras international station and enters a covered bridge that leads to the Kings Cross station few minute later. It is actually like a long tunnel under east London that takes Eurostar east and south. Few minutes later you will see the Stratford station's platforms. Soon you will be out of the tunnel and train will be crossing wastelands of eastern London. Around 10-12 minutes later you will also get a chance to see the Queen Elizabeth II suspension bridge. Soon Eurostar enters another short tunnel which is the crossing of Thames and emerges to the county of Kent. By this time Eurostar attains its full speed of 182mph. Eurostar then passes through Medway Viaduct that carries High Speed 1 across Medway River. You can see Rochester Cathedral and Rochester Castle on the left at this time. Eurostar enters in Channel Tunnel just after 35 minutes from leaving St. Pancras and it takes around 20 minutes to cross the Chunnel and it emerges into France. Some of the Eurostar trains may call at Lille while some passes to move forward to Paris or Brussels. The lines for Paris and Brussels diverge just after Lille train and London to Paris train moves on the track to Paris to reach Gare du Nord station.

Benefits of travelling from London to Paris by Eurostar Train

  1. Affordable prices.
  2. Easy Check-in process.
  3. Faster and comfortable service.
  4. Eurostar London Paris trains are environmental friendly.
  5. Direct connection to more than 100 destinations in Western Europe.