Max on April 19th, 2012

Before you go to London you should know some important tips to prevent problems. As you probably know you have to plan everything earlier in order to have enough time. Maybe you are wondering do you need a passport. The answer is yes and for more information you can pay attention to this link. – if you have a passport you don’t need a tourist visa. The next thing you should plan is your accommodation. London is a big city and it has lots of places to stay but since most of the students have money problems, which is completely normal, I’d recommend you to find some nice apartment in Chicago at affordable rates and believe me, there are lots of them. Just make a simple research on the internet and you will see thousands of offers, varying on price, location and services. My personal recommendation for you is to spend approximately between 25-40 dollars per day for a hotel.

About the packing…well this depends on the time of your visits again but there are some things you should definitely take with you. The first one is umbrella because London is famous with its rainy weather conditions. Most of the time there it rains so an umbrella is a must have. You can also take jacket or anorak. I think now is a good time to mention that if you are from the United States you should definitely bring an electric converter because as you know the electricity standards in Europe are different. And last but not least bring a comfortable pair of shoes since you are going to walk a lot.

Buying an affordable airplane ticket is the next step you should pay attention to. One good way to find a decent company is to use student airfare finders such as Apartment in Delhi you can read about them here.

When the time for sightseeing comes you should know that London has a great public transport. The subway is great ( the oldest one in the world) – it is really efficient and clean. If you are not comfortable with it you can always take one of London’s emblems – the double decker bus. You can even make a bus tour the price of which was something around 30 dollars.
Probably you are wondering about the internet and mailing services in UK. Don’t worry the UK mail is really nice and speedy. All you have to do (since you are already accommodated) is to go to their office and set up your address. Basically I think these are the most important tips you have about London if you are a student. There is plenty of information on the internet but I think I managed to help you and save you from many hours of reading reviews and opinions about travel tips to London. Wish you good luck and hope that you will have a great time in London because the city is really amazing and has lots of things to offer.

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Max on March 10th, 2012

A city on the North Eastern part of England and is for its influence on music and industry. Here we give some brief information about nightlife and other aspects of it.


Night life of Manchester is very diverse and it offers a wide range of night time activities. It provides various nightlife scenes which very often include clubs and very well established high range of drinking places to replace traditional pubs. One of such high profile bar is Cloud 23 that is situated on the 23rd floor of The Hilton, Deansgate.

Some other marketed bars of the city are The SAS Radisson and The Aurora Hotel. The Temple of Convenience is also one such place for those who love to drink. This place is formed by converting a public toilet in the city centre.

Shopping Areas:

The city is the main centre for shopping in the North West area of England. There are many retail shops and malls that are located in the heart of city. There are many pedestrianised markets are also organized on particular days of the week.

St. Ann’s Square is a popular destination for high end items like cosmetics, perfumes, fashion accessories, designer clothes, etc. The square has almost all the famous brands of the world.

Victorian Barton Arcade is also a popular destination for shoppers.

The other malls and shopping plazas in the city are:

City Centre

Oldham Street/Tib Street

Trafford Centre


You can get around the city using bus or tram as the main mode of transport. Metroshuttle, a free bus service is run local authorities and it covers almost entire city. This service is run to promote public transport and cut out on emissions. Metrolink, is the name for tram services is also a viable option to explore the city.

Taxis are also a reasonable mode to get around the city.

Local railway services run regularly to the adjoining and nearby surrounding places. Most trains pass through Piccadilly or Victoria Station.

The main attractions of the city can also be explored on foot as well.

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Max on February 9th, 2012

Disneyland, which is one of the centers of attraction of Paris, is under your grip now. If you are planning to spend your summer or Christmas holidays in Paris, then it is quite expected that you will be spending a day or more in this wonderland. Not only children, Disneyland attracts people of all ages from worldwide. Plenty of amazing rides for both children and grown-ups are available in this very Disneyland. Space Mountain: Mission 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a small world, Big Thunder Mountain etc are few of its collection. The ride, it’s a small world, will take you and your family into a joyous musical world where you can sing and dance for day long. Big Thunder Mountain is the wildest train that will be carrying you to the west of Mississippi river. Buzz Light year Laser Blast will spin your entire body to 360degrees, where you can get a feeling of astronauts’ ship.

Apart from these, other exciting rides will also be offered to you by our beloved Disneyland. For instance, you can even be entertained by a boat ride to river Seine which will take you to have a look of the magnificent architecture offered by the Notre-dame Cathedral. Though the ticket prices vary among rides, but during festive season, especially during Christmas, the ticket prices fall down.

Disneyland will offer you and your mates to dine out with Disney characters. You can get many cheap Eurostar Disneyland Paris deals. If you are in the park, and if you are keen on spending your bucks, then you can easily share your lunch or dinner with the famous Micky and Donald. Moreover, in the park you will also come across Buffalo Bill Wild Show where you can see the acrobatic performance of the cowboys with their horses. The management offers wide range of parties such as Halloween Party, Tea Parties etc for entertaining the visitors of the place.

At night you can even celebrate your birthday party in the park with the Disney characters by cutting cakes and having cocktails. The Disneyland authority provides good accommodation facility to the distant travelers in low cost. Though the train station of Euro Disney is located exterior to the main park, but once you get down from the train you will reach to the wonderland in few minutes. All through the day you will get train service which will take you to and from Disneyland to middle Paris within fifteen minutes. Within this very wonderland bus services are also available. This will take you from one part of the park to another in utmost luxury.

So don’t lose the opportunity, grab it as soon as possible. Buy tickets to this wonderland in affordable prices and make your Paris trip remarkable.

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Max on January 30th, 2012

Geneva, the second most populous city of Switzerland and the most populous city of the French speaking part of the country, is situated at the exit of the river Rhone from Lake Geneva. Geneva being a global city, number of headquarters of different agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross is situated here. Ranked the fourth most expensive city of the world it is the eighth most important financial centre.

In recent past the city has grabbed eyeballs for its wonderful décor and picturesque views. Moreover its history dates back to that of 121 B.C. so if you are interested to visit to place with both ancient and modern taste then Geneva is surely the right choice. The temperate climate of the city proves to be an absolute bliss for the tourists.

The places you must visit if you are planning a trip to the city are Flower’s clock, St Peter’s Cathedral, Reformation wall, Place Neuve, Geneva’s Lakefront, Jet D’eau (water fountain), United Nation’s Building- Carouge. Moreover, there are a number of museums (Institute of museum of Voltaire, Musee Ariana, museum of the International Red Cross, etc) and many educational institutions which demand a visit as well. Different organizations like The World Trade Organization, World Meteorological Organization and many more can also definitely add to the list of your absolute musts.

Now the burning question is what exactly would be the total expense of your visit and how you would plan it? Of course you surely want the best trip at the lowest cost possible. Well you can cross the Switzerland-France border from Geneva to Chamonix at a low price of around $195.61 only. You can also give a shot to the combined coach and train trip to view the landscape of Switzerland for around $227.30 only. The tour of the entire city will cost you only around $49.17. A trip to the countryside including bus rides and boat cruise can be availed at only, say, at $ 96. So you can understand that if you are planning to visit to one of the most expensive cities of the world cost is definitely not a barrier. If you just keep your eyes and ears open, Geneva is at your doorstep. The airfares are cheap as well.

So, if you are planning to visit the city why are you waiting? The heritage buildings together with the modern organizations would definitely satisfy your wish of experiencing history and technology as well as the beautiful landscapes of the city all at the same time. So pack up your luggage and fly away to feel the thrill.





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Max on January 6th, 2012

You may be searching for the best tour in your life where you can visit almost the whole Europe starting from the United Kingdom (UK). The first place you can visit directly from London, the capital of UK is France. The specialty of this tour guide is you can enjoy the ferry ride from the ferry ports of England. The exotic sylvan beauties across the English Channel will be a treat to your eyes and ears.

Now, if you are planning to have the tour on your feet or your own car or motor-home leading to France, then the ferry ports welcome you. Adding more to these priceless adventures, you can have several choices of ports to cross the English Channel. The choice of port depends upon you as the shortest ride you choose, the more you save. Moreover you can save time too. Both money and time are very much important when you are on a tour. The additional things about these ferries are you have the independence to travel with any amount of luggage even with your cares.

Now, it is to be noted the Channel ports are not the only ferry ports. You can look up on the routes towards Santander and Bilbao in northern Spain. These routes will lead you to south-east France. The ferry ports in England that will lead you to France through English Channel are Caen, Dunkerque, Roscoff, Calais, Ostend, Guernsey, Saint Malo, Dieppe, Jersey, Cherbourg, and LeHavre.

If it is to mention the ferry rides that will serve as bliss for your entire life, then some like Brittany ferries are worth mentioning. These ferries occupy the north-western trip to France. The more you peep into the scenic beauties the more you realize why it’s a great choice to visit France through ferries. You can enjoy the bustling sounds of the busy port towns and the forest coastlines much before you will visit them through land. Channel crossing ferries including PO, Norfolk line, and Brittany and Stena line serves you everyday across the English Channel.

The shortest possible ferry trips are the crossing between France and Britain. These are the most popular tours leading you to your destination within an average of 60mins. Moreover, these cross channel ferries serve you with shops, restaurants, bars and ecstatic beauties. The financial side is also advantageous compared to the expensive air-rides. On the other hand, Calais to Dover ferry rides is busiest around the world.

Cheap fares and all-get-around surroundings in the ferries are the best servers of world tourism. Moreover, the sight-scenes and eye-catching beauties are the boon to your memories. If, you are planning a tour around Europe, don’t give the England to France ferries a miss. It will surely add a thrill to your adventure.

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Max on December 13th, 2011

High speed trains are those which run with a lot more higher speed than normal trains. In Europe these high speed rails operate with a speed of 200 kilometer per hour i.e. 125 miles per hour or above. Some of these high speed trains are Eurostar, TGV, Thalys, ICE train and many more. Today high-speed rail is one of the most worthy and well-accepted forms of transportation in Europe. During 1980 and 1990, the initial high-speed rail lines were put up in Europe. The high speed trains itself started in Europe in June 1965 when the International Transport Fair was going on in Munich. Initially the high speed service that was provided at regular basis was the TEE “Le Capitole” (Paris and Toulouse). After 1980 the high speed rail of Europe actually got urbanized.

The high speed trains serve in places like France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, etc. These trains are capable of transporting huge number of passengers within the main metropolitans in Europe without much time consumption. Being really cost-effective it also offers the passengers an economic journey. The passengers also get an undisturbed journey with zero traffic jams.

Its stations don’t engage big areas like the airports do. So, these small stations can be positioned in the main towns, which will improve the service levels. Also its rail tracks don’t occupy much area like roads do. Like airports and highways, the high speed trains doesn’t involve complex infrastructure and so its expansion is not troublesome. These rails also reduce the load on other means of transportation as it is really well-liked among the Europeans.

The high speed train operations are growing and spreading out more and more. Many new high speed train operation are opening and will open in places like Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and Holland. It doesn’t stop here, the normal train tracks are being upgraded so that high speed trains can be introduced in them in future. This is happening in all those countries in Europe where high speed rail is already functioning, as they want all their rail tracks to get high speed. Europe is aiming to create a network which will connect all its main areas. For this it is going to come up with its Trans-European high speed train operations within 2025.

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Max on November 22nd, 2011

Strasbourg is one of the most ideal holiday destinations in Europe and the best thing about this city is that it has flavors of two magnificent countries of Europe- France and Germany. Thus, as you can imagine, this particular city is both enriched in history and culture. It is situated right at the border where France and Germany collides, thus you can find the influence of both French and German influences in its neighborhoods. The city is the proud home of the European parliament and also features France’s oldest market along with a picture perfect cathedral. The black forest and the Rhine river along the edges of the city, certainly serves as the cherry on top, if you are considering the scenic beauty of this cosmopolitan city.

Now let’s take a closer look at the offerings of this beautiful city. Well, the city has lots to offers in terms of recreation and pleasure. The first thing you can do in this city is take several day trips to in and around the city, where you get to admire the local dialect, beautiful German architecture and some famous French and German cuisines and wine. What makes this city special is that the river Ill gives it a distinctive Venice like feature as it runs through the city. The Ill River is also ideal for taking a cruise trip around the city. You can also visit Place Kleber for shopping and recreational activities as well. However you can also take day trips around the city in places like Colmar, Baden Baden and Heidelberg.

However, if you are planning on visiting Strasbourg, the ideal time would be around Christmas and spring. During these times the city looks more beautiful and gives you the pleasure of festivity. Although you can always visit the city in summer and autumn, but try to avoid winter as it can be pretty cold and snowy. It is advisable to take a Eurostar city break to Strasbourg. You can thus get cheap Eurostar tickets along with cheap hotel booking.

Getting there is also easy. You can either fly directly to the city or go there via France or Germany. The city is well connected to the other parts of Europe via rail routes and also has extensive bus services in and around the city. Thus, reaching Strasbourg can be quite easy and not only that with plenty of transport options available you can easily get to one place from another. With so many recreational activities and beautiful places to spend your days travelling, your trip to Strasbourg is bound to be a memorable one.



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Max on November 7th, 2011

Eurostar Train, which started its journey in the year 1994 from English Channel, will be connecting you with the whole of Europe with its most exotic and interesting places. By means of this speedy train one can be able to travel to any part of the continent at ease. The vehicle will take you to some amazing destination of the continent which includes places like London, Disneyland, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris as well as Lille. London to Paris, Brussels, Lille destinations are mostly used by passengers. If you are keen to utilize each and every minute of your trip, then don’t waste your time, book your ticket for Eurostar. By means of Eurostar Train you can visit to the most charming places of Amsterdam such as Van Gogh museum, Museum amstelkring, Civic guards’ gallery, Amsterdam canal ring and so on. In Lille it will take you to places like various museums, cathedrals, churches etc. Likewise if you travel in this very vehicle, it will carry you to some of the incredible places of the whole of Europe.

The train has changed the lifeline of the European people. With the launching of this vehicle the journey of the European travelers become easier as it has united with the reputed train operating firms of the continent. Journey in this train is the safest for the one who is visiting the continent for the first time. Having a speed of approximately 186 mph, the train is fully smoke free. Though the travel fare of the train is a bit expensive, but the fare goes down in the festive season especially in Christmas. Apart from festive season, you can also get offers on holidays as well as weekends. Those who are eager for a trip to Europe, it is advisable for them to avail this particular train, your trip will be utmost satisfactory. You can book your tickets in online before the journey starts. The individuals, who are interested to gather more info about it, can go through internet. If you board this train, you will get the best on-board services which will make your trip ideal. Apart from that the train will also offer you with cozy seats where you can relax for hours as well as with short check-in facilities. The staff of the train is also co operative by nature.

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The usually the Lille Christmas market commences on November 19th and ends on December 30th. It takes place at the Place Rihour (downtown Lille). For years this has been one of the best attractions in the Northern France during Christmas.

hopping can be real fun in the Lille Christmas market and Eurostar City breaks to Lille helps you to grab this opportunity. You will get variety of purchasable items that too within your budget. There are more than 80 stalls set up, which offer you special items from specific regions, of gastronomic treat, crafts, etc. The stalls and chalets offer various food items like gingerbread, and those eatables which can be packed for take away or can be consumed there itself. You also get wine (mulled) here. Apart from these the stalls also sell Christmas gifts and decorations, various customary toys, etc. You will also love the local foodstuffs and products for sale, and the unique and authentic gift items.

The whole market area is decorated with colors, lights and the Christmas tree happens to be around 18 meters in height. There is the big wheel (50 meter high), at the Grand’Place, and on climbing this wheel you can view the ornamented city from the top. The wheel starts normally at noontime and runs till late night. The fun-fair also adds to the enjoyment. You can take a ride on the Grande Roue and tour the beautifully adorned Lille. Different exhibitions are also organized. The Father Christmas will be present there all along and the kids can take photos with him. You can also experience the event in which the Father Christmas falls from the Belfry (eighty meter high) of the Chamber of Commerce. Apart from these you can also enjoy the concerts which enhance the Christmas spirit.

During the Lille Christmas market you can arrange accommodation in hotels in the central Lille. In case the hotels are full, you can also go for lodging or temporary housing in the rural areas close to Lille, where you have to make arrangements for food yourself.

Reaching the Lille Christmas market is very simple. The closest rail station is Gare Lille Europe; Metro, where you get closest tube station and tram stop, the closest ferry port is Calais, there are numerous bus routes, and the nearby airport is Aerodrome de Lille-Lesquin. Eurostar train also provide direct link from London  to Lille.


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Max on October 11th, 2011

Chichester has a number of restaurants and cafes. If you have traveled to Chichester, you should buy yourself a meal at one of the restaurants. Many restaurants offer reasonable priced food. Several restaurants are housed at old buildings such as Zizzi and etc. There are also other restaurants such as Station Café, Café Rouege, Baps Noshery, Anglesey Arms, Brasserie Blanc and Beach House.

Zizzi is located in an old theater. Zizzi serves a variety of Italian foods. You can order both the main course and star from Zizzi. Station Café offers home cooked food at economical price. Station café is also part of the bus station building. You can get cheap breakfast at Station Café. Café Rouge is a chain of French restaurants. There are 80 restaurants at Café Rouge. The waiters that served at Café Rouge are friendly.  Some of the food you can order at Café Rouge include lamb shank with herbs, Jarret d’agneau, and etc. The average cost for per meal is $11.25 pounds. You can also order beverages from Zizzi. The Beach House offers breakfasts at the seaside village in West Wittering. Brasserie Blanc offers authentic French cuisine with a modern setting.

You can find restaurants in many streets including Broyle Road, Dell Quay Road, North Pallant, North Street, South Street and Watery Lane.  The surrounding places of Chichester Gate Leisure Park also have restaurants. Well known restaurants located in Chichester Gate Leisure Park include Nando’s. At South Street, there are several popular restaurants such as Pizza Express and Prezzo. Pizza Express is famous for the Romana pizzas. The pizzas served at Pizza Express are thin and crispy. They serve bigger pizzas as well. Pizza Express offers pizzas that are topped with mozzarella, onions and mushrooms. Prezzo is an Italian restaurant chain that has one hundred and thirty two branches in England and Scotland.

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